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There was once a time when you had to look no further than local newspapers to find jobs in Dallas, TX. While that was easy and consumed little time, it was also limiting in terms of the number of jobs brought to your attention each week. Today, local papers are irrelevant because you have the Internet at your fingertips.

The Internet gives you access to jobs in all industries available in Dallas as well as surrounding communities accessible from Dallas. There are many websites dedicated to listing jobs on behalf of employers, plus you can find more jobs on individual employer websites. This guide will show you how to take advantage of modern resources to find jobs in Dallas, TX that meet your employment needs.

Create an Industry-Specific Resume

If you only want to apply for jobs in one industry, then you may only need one version of your resume. Most people have skills that apply to multiple career paths. In this case, you will need to adjust your resume to reflect your qualifications for Dallas, TX jobs in each of those career paths. Create these resumes before you even start looking for open positions so that you are ready to send a copy to every potential employer you discover.

There are different resume styles that you can use, but you basically want to include the following information:

  • Work history (including volunteer positions, internships and self-employment)
  • Educational achievements (including certificate programs)
  • Applicable skills
  • Special abilities and interests
  • Awards and accomplishments

If you don’t know how to create a resume, learn more from our post on how to write a resume for a job.

Clean Up Your Virtual Act

You may be surprised what comes up when you Google your own name. This may seem like no big deal, but employers are now researching potential employees online to determine their character. They want to determine how you live, what you value, and how you conduct yourself in public. Your image is important to an employer because you will represent their company if hired.

Clean up your online image by removing any risqué or inappropriate pictures from your social media accounts. Take down any text posts that may be considered controversial or offensive. Present yourself in a professional manner, as if your social media accounts are an extension of your resume.

Check Job Sites Daily

Websites that list jobs openings are by no means exhaustive. There are always some positions that aren’t released to these sites, and some employers keep the best positions offline in order to field personal recommendations from current employees. That said, you can still find a large percentage of open jobs in Dallas, TX by looking through websites like Indeed, Monster and Beyond.

Indeed is one of the most comprehensive job sites out there because it pulls listings from all over the Internet. You will find many jobs that are only listed on private company websites as well as jobs that are also posted on other job sites.

Monster is one of the most reputable and longstanding job sites, and there are thousands of jobs listed every day of the week. Beyond works in a similar fashion, allowing you to search for jobs by industry or keyword and view details about the job before applying. You may find some jobs on these sites that aren’t included on Indeed, so always check all three sites.

If you are tempted to look for jobs on Craigslist and Backpage, remain cautious at all times. These sites are filled with fake posts from scammers trying to gain your personal information. Some will ask you to pay a small upfront fee in exchange for information or training leading to desirable jobs. These are all scams. Never pay to find a job, and never give out your personal information or send your resume to an unverified company.

Find Government Job Sites

Many jobs in Dallas, TX are listed through state and federal government websites. Start by finding your state’s website. This is typically connected to unemployment office, but the jobs are often plentiful and varied in terms of requirements. Your state probably has separate job listings for positions with the state. These positions will come with state employee benefits as long as they are full-time opportunities.

Here are some sites to get you started for jobs in Dallas:

City of Dallas:

Dallas County:

Dallas Federal:

You can also find government positions through the federal government. Don’t assume that you have to move to Washington to get these jobs. Many federal jobs are located in smaller offices throughout the country.

Check with Colleges

If you are in school or have obtained an advanced degree, you should have access to career services employees willing to help you find open jobs related to your degree. If you aren’t in college but would like to attend, you might look for positions working for a college or university in order to get a discount on tuition.

Many colleges or universities also keep job listings on their websites that anyone can browse. For instance, Dallas County Community College District maintains online job listings. Look for other local colleges to see if they have similar listings.

Use Caution with Staffing Firms

Staffing firms or head hunters can lead you to jobs, but use them with caution. You should never have to pay them upfront to receive job opportunities. Ask about the type of jobs they place workers in, and try to find those that staff for specific industries in which you are qualified to work. General staffing agencies may leave you working for minimum wage without using your most valuable skills. You can look at our post on how to pick the best staffing agency to learn more about this option.

Final Tips to Find Jobs in Dallas, TX

1. If you are concerned about your social media pages affecting your professional reputation, use nicknames or variations on your real name for those accounts. Employers will not find those accounts as long as they are not connected to other accounts listed in your real name. At the very least, ensure that your accounts are all kept private.

2. Identify keywords used in job listings, and place those words in your resume and cover letter. This requires some adjustment of your resume before sending it to each employer, but it will ensure that your resume is picked up by software sometimes used to search applicants by keywords. It will also show that you are a perfect fit to the employer’s requirements.

3. Apply for jobs that you are genuinely qualified to fill. If a company receives your resume for 10 different positions, they will see you as unfocused and desperate. It is best to put your best foot forward for the Dallas, TX jobs that you are most qualified to accept.

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